Our Methodology for EYFS – KS1 – KS2

What about our Teaching Method? At Gramacri we use a Direct Learning Method also known as the Oral or Natural Method. It’s based on the active involvement of the student in both speaking and listening to the target language in realistic everyday situations. This method allows the student to acquire easily and gradually grammatical structure and vocabulary in the Target Language from lesson 1.

Methodology & Body gestures

We combine our teaching method with story-telling, role-play, and lots of body gestures to really make Foreign Languages accessible to every and each child and enhance children’s learning abilities. We use a mix of music, dance, flashcards, games, songs, singing, and puppets to help learning and understanding of the Target Language. Young children, as well as adults, learn through movement and gestures for example if we place our finger on our lips that indicates be quit, if we rub our belly it can indicate we are hungry and if we point to the door it can mean get out or leave the room.

Methodology & Fun

In our classes for Early Years and KS1 children listen and speak in the Target Language by using stories, role-plays, songs and lots of games such as: Bingo, Simon says, Who wants to be a Millionaire, Word Tennis, Hangman and many many more, in order to get familiar with and utilise the vocabulary of the language they are learning. They also start associating sounds and words with body gestures and physical movements which develops listening skills, self-confidence and spontaneity in the Target Language at the same time.

Developing Skills

Our KS2 classes introduce reading and writing on top of listening and speaking. Children start reading short stories and making simple statements in the Target Language developing the ability to articulate and communicate ideas, and then organise them clearly and coherently. They also improve their knowledge about the Culture, traditions and customs of the respective countries through videos, topics and songs creating cultural awareness and intercultural skills.

With this methodology we have helped many Young Children to learn a new Language and you will not believe how fast and easy it is for children to learn through it!

Teaching method
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