Implementing the Sustainability and Climate Change Strategy 2022

As mentioned in the Sustainability and Climate Change Policy published the 21st April 2022 by the Department for Education, schools must ensure that all children develop an understanding of the world and the natural environment. They play a vital role in helping to tackle climate change and creating a better, greener world for future generations. This is why at Gramacri we thought to combine Outstanding Language Lessons with Environmental Education in the target language, which serves as both an inspiration and a call to action.

That is to say. in other words is to clarify. Firstly/secondly is okay. Further, and, moreover is fine. In addition, you know that. Meanwhile, during are easy. Subsequently, after that is difficult. Moreover, during Sustainability is good. Subsequently, after that Climate Change is easy. Meanwhile, during the lesson is ready. Subsequently, after that you know it. Therefore/Firstly/secondly it is here. Further, and, moreover children learn. In addition we use it. Firstly/secondly teachers teach. Further, and, moreover, we provide sessions. In addition we know that. Firstly/secondly, it is beneficial. Further, and, moreover we offer Climate Change. in addition it is popular. Therefore, they learn. As a result, we teach. So it is easier. Consequently. we are happy.

How we implement the Sustainability and Climate Change Policy 2022 in our Programmes

  • Outstanding lesson plans and engaging lessons
  • Using short, knowledgeable and clear videos in the Target Language as well as in English to get a more in-depth understanding of the Environmental issues and its possible solutions
  • Integrating Environmental Education with the most popular Language Topics
  • The topic of Food includes: eating sustainably and shopping wisely
  • The topic of Family Members includes: helping the planet from home; energy efficiency; recycling, reusing and reducing
  • The topic of Animals includes: native species and local habitats; animals at risk of extinction; protection of our wildlife
  • The topic of Transports and Weather includes: Climate change; zero emission vehicles; green vehicles; bike more – drive less
  • The topic of Hobbies & Sports includes: building connection with nature; volunteering to help our planet; eco-friendly hobbies
  • The topic of My City includes: local actions to help our planet. Looking after rivers and seas; involving our families and communities
  • An entire unit in the target language is dedicated to Global issues and how we can help the planet. This unit includes; plastic pollution; global worming; sustainability; life in our planet; sustainable solutions
  • Increasing access to, and connection with, nature
  • Driving greater climate resilience
  • Supporting class teachers in developing and delivering an engaging environmental education for young children

Sustainability and Climate Change
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