Primary Schools

Gramacri works closely with Primary Schools fulfilling their Modern Foreign Language PPA Cover and Clubs. We believe that Education plays a vital role in helping tackle climate change and encouraging individuals to protect the environment. That is why we combine outstanding language lessons with environmental learning in the target language. We offer a wide array of languages to choose from such as: Spanish and French, but also Italian, German and Mandarin Chinese. We work in line with the requirements of the National Curriculum 2014,and the Sustainability and Climate Change Strategy 2022, ensuring young children meet the milestones, become aware of the challenges ahead of us, and learn both how to play their part in halting nature’s decline, and a foreign language through an interactive and creative learning method. Gramacri’s outstanding Language lessons are delivered by qualified and experienced teachers and instructors who are native or fluent speakers in their language, making learning fun and effective.

PPA Cover

We offer Modern Languages PPA Cover from Early Years to Key Stage 2. We believe strongly in making Language Classes fun therefore we involve a mix of music, songs, games, stories, videos and role-play. We also believe that Environmental Education should be integrated within any subjects to reinforce the importance of environment preservation in children from young age to be conscious of any decision they make. This is why all our programmes have been developed with the Sustainability and Climate Change Strategy 2022 in mind. We integrate language learning with Environmental Awareness by combining standard language topics with Climate and Environmental Education (please look at our schemes of work for EYFS, KS1 and KS2 at the bottom of this page). Our teachers and instructors provide students the opportunity to not only develop language skills, but also to become more informed young people with impact felt widely in their families and communities. Gramacri offers PPA Cover in French and Spanish, as well as in ItalianGerman and Mandarin Chinese.

After School Language Clubs

If you are already providing your pupils with outstanding Modern Language sessions, and you would like to widen the number of Languages you offer, or just take advantage of our mix of Language learning and Environmental Education , After School Language Clubs is the right choice for your school. You can pick any language among French, Spanish, Italian, German and Mandarin Chinese, and we will deliver stimulating and engaging Language Sessions for 45 minutes up to 1 hour (this can be changed) after school or during school holidays. The emphasis of our Language Clubs is on fun including songs, rhymes, stories and lots of games such as Bingo, Simon says, Who wants to be a Millionaire, words tennis and hangman. We can also provide outdoor language sessions in the garden/playground of the school increasing access to, and connection with, nature.

End of Year Competition

At the end of each academic year we will run a Best Work Competition among all our students across all Key Stages at our schools. The winner will get 3 flight tickets (1 child and 2 adults) for the country where the language learnt is spoken. This will be a great reward to give at the end of the year to the most hard-working student. This is also a great way to engage even more all the Young Learners. The fortunate winner will get the chance to fully immerse himself/herself in the Culture and Language of the country where the Target Language is spoken.

Our teachers and instructors will upload the best works onto our Facebook Page throughout the entire school year. At the end of the year, our staff coordinators will pick the best work, and the author of that work will win 3 flight tickets (1 for the child 2 for their parents/carers) for the country where the language learnt is spoken.

Our Language Programmes

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