Our Learning Method

At Gramacri.com we use a Direct Learning Method also known as the Oral or Natural Method. It’s based on the active involvement of the student in both speaking and listening to the target language in realistic everyday situations. This method allows the student to acquire easily and gradually grammatical structure and vocabulary from lesson 1.

Expert learning material

As our student, you will get the highest quality online learning experience. Our learning materials are designed by experts in language learning.

Private classes at your own pace

All of our language classes are private: just you and your tutor, which guarantees a solid, customized and effective learning experience. You can spend as much time as you need to grasp each topic

Only native teachers

Learning a language takes more than just an excellent scheme of work. That’s where our experienced native-speaking teachers come in. They will guide you toward fluency with a clear structure that builds on itself and actually makes sense.

At Gramacri.com our teachers are qualified and professional. Teaching is their career, not just a hobby. Not just anybody can be a Gramacri.com teacher. We only work with teachers who have years of teaching experience.

We offer a complete package

We will help you master the art of speaking, but that’s only one piece of the language puzzle. When building our learning materials we focus on a variety of skills so that you are fully prepared for life beyond the classroom. Our scheme of works include Speaking, Listening, Writing and Reading practice. You will be learning:

  • Speaking – 40%
  • Grammar – 25 %
  • Vocabulary – 18 %
  • Reading – 15 %
  • Writing – 2 %

Learn to speak like a local from native-speaking teachers

Learning from a native-speaking teacher in an immersive environment is the best way to reach fluency. We work with one-to-one sessions or very small classes in order to practise as much as you can and get personalised feedback in the moment.

Real-life topics covered in the classroom

At Gramacri.com, we do believe in practical communication. No one learns a language just to say ‘ I like ice-cream ‘. When building our courses, we carefully think about what you need from a language to be successful depending on YOUR needs.

Real fluency beyond the classroom

Each lesson has clear communication goals and activities that reflect real-life scenarios. We combine this with an immersive in-class experience that helps you reach fluency.

Your teacher. Your schedule

All of your classes will be taught by the same teacher chosen by you, on a schedule set by you. You may cancel or reschedule any of your classes, or change your schedule completely, by simply giving us a 24-hour notice.

My tutors on Gramacri.com are very open, perfectly prepared and try to make my learning challenging for me but not too hard, and not too easy. I was a bit shy at the beginning, but after some lessons I felt much more confident and comfortable speaking in the target language. Thank you!

Noemi Lidia Marini

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