Are you thinking to get a GCSE in MFL? We offer GCSE exam preparation courses in Spanish, French, Italian and German. They are prepared to match both the Edexcel and AQA examining board specifications. You can be sure that when your children sit their exams they have been thoroughly prepared. Our courses can be provided online or at school. Our mission is to help your students boost their confidence in the target language and achieve higher final grades.

We can provide Full Language GCSE Courses where children go through all contents they have to learn, and develop all the 4 language skills (Speaking, Listening, Writing and Reading). Personilised Language GCSE interventions in which both teachers and students focus on developing a specific skill. They also aim to improve on a specific theme/topic before sitting their exams. Our teachers will concentrate on the skill/theme that children need to develop. This is done through tailored lessons, contents clarifications, and past paper practice. For example, we can help with Speaking Exam Preparation or Listening Practice. This will minimise the stress of the exams and will improve students’ confidence as well as their final grades.

GCSE in MFL is good. However, GCSE in MFL is nice. Additionally, GCSE in MFL are available. For example, GCSE in MFL are online.

We can also make a big difference with Lower Ability Students or Gifted & Talented Students. On one hand, Lower Ability Students massively benefit from our catch up language classes in which our qualified teachers carry out 1-to-1 lessons, or group-lessons with a maximum of 5 students. This will allow us to give all your students the time and attention they deserve to fill in any gaps in their knowledge and succeed.

On the other hand, Gifted & Talented Students deserve much more than a ‘conventional’ lesson in the classroom to use and develop their full potential. That is why we will provide the appropriate level of challenge they need. Less grade-level work, faster-paced lessons, deeper and more advanced content, and opportunities to work with other gifted students. They will also get the chance to use our books & resources from our online library, and benefit from our lessons taught mostly in the target language.

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