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Secondary Schools GCSEs
Secondary Schools – GCSEs

At Gramacri we believe that all students deserve high-quality education regardless their abilities and disposition. We are here to team up with Secondary schools in order to help them help their pupils. We can guide, challenge and support all your students in any aspect of their language learning through online sessions or face-to-face lessons. What you will get from us:

GCSE Exam Preparation Courses

We offer GCSEs Examination preparation courses in Spanish, French, German and Italian which are prepared to match both the Edexcel and AQA examining board specifications. You can be sure that when your students sit their exams they have been thoroughly prepared.

We can help with:

  • Speaking exams preparation
  • Speaking and listening practice with native speakers
  • Writing and Reading practice (with a wide range of books and resources to choose from our online library)
  • Qualified MFL Teachers and Native Speaking Tutors

Language Specialists

We understand that teaching MFL in schools may be tricky! Some students are just difficult to engage with languages (for numerous reasons). Many others deserve much more than a ‘conventional’ lesson in the classroom to use their full potential. Gramacri can make the difference in both cases!

All our teachers are qualified teachers or native speaking tutors with years of experience in teaching in the UK. They are fully prepared to work in many different scenarios. They will motivate your most disengaged students, or challenge even further your Gifted & Talented ones. Pupils can learn new topics, revise prior learning, practise and improve on the 4 language skills with friendly and professional teachers. All Students using Gramacri boost their confidence in the target language, as well as their exam grades. As a result, they make, on average, double the progress of their peers.

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GCSE Skills Practice

if your students just need to improve on a specific skill (listeningspeakingreading or writing) or practise a specific topic/theme before sitting their exams, we can help! They will be working on the skill/theme they need to develop, through tailored lessons, contents clarifications, and practice, practice practice. We can also help with Speaking Exam Preparation or Listening practice and much more. This will minimise the stress of the exams and will improve students’ performance and exam grades.

GCSE Catch Up Classes

Either lower ability students or any other pupils missing their lessons for some reasons  may benefit from our catch up language classes. We will ensure they back on track in their langauge learning. The school will give us the topics/contents they have missed out, or they need to improve on, and we will start from there. Our teachers will plan lessons accordingly, will adapt their teaching to respond to the needs of each and every pupil, and will give all your students the time and the attention they deserve to fill any gaps in their knowledge.

Gifted & talented students sessions (G&T)

G&T students must be challenged indeed in order to take out their full potential. That is why at Gramacri we believe that they need: less grade-level work, faster-paced lessons, deeper and more advanced content, and opportunities to work with other gifted students. The students will choose the topics/skills they want to develop further and in more details. We will give them lessons, quizzes, tasks and resources based on that. Additionally, they will get unlimited access to our online library, and practice the target language with native speakers.

Cultural Seminars

We cannot expect love for foreign languages without promoting and teaching our students to love a different Culture. Mastering a new language is not just about learning grammar, vocabulary or communication skills, it is crucial to become familiar with the culture, traditions and values of the country where the target language is spoken.   

At Gramacri our tutors are qualified to teach Modern Foreign Languages , however, most of them are also native speakers which means they are familiar with the culture, traditions and customs of the country where the target language is spoken. This is the reason why they deliver high-quality cultural training and seminars about the country where the target language is spoken.

SEND (Special Education Needs and Disabilities)

Are you providing the best possible academic progress for your SEND learners? Do your teachers have enough time to spend with them? Teaching SEND students to the best of their abilities within overcrowded classes can be tricky! That is why Gramacri can offer personalised language lessons for them based on their special needs. Our SENDco teachers will set up a learning plan, with a range of strategies, that our teachers will implement in order to ensure students with special educational needs can make as good progress as any other student in your school. 

Language Knowledge Enhancement 

Gramacri offers Language Knowledge enhancement to all teachers who want to keep their language skills in tip-top shape. We can help them to gain the subject knowledge they need to teach any language confidently. This service is also available to those teachers who do not teach MFL, but are still interested in learning a new language.

Secondary Schools – GCSE in Languages – Catch Up Classes – G&T Students Sessions

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