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Environmental Learning

We can also provide Environmental Education cover without language learning. As stated on the Sustainability and Climate Change Policy 2022 ‘The UK requires the education sector to play its role in positively responding to climate change and inspiring action within young people’. ‘Learners need to know the truth about climate change – through knowledge-rich education. They must also be given the hope that they can be agents of change, through hands-on activity and, as they progress, through guidance and programmes allowing them to pursue a green career pathway in their chosen field.’

Gramacri delivers outstanding environmental learning cover and clubs for primary schools. Our programme aims to rally and unite young people to make realistic but dynamic change, creating positive impacts for our planet now.

All of our sessions are challenging and inspiring, leading the children we teach into a lifelong appreciation of the importance of environment preservation. Our programme not only provides peace of mind that the children are in the safest hands but also comes complete with planning and assessment. Just one less thing for your staff to worry about.

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Caring about the planet is a great way to bring kids together to do good and learn about protecting the environment. By starting an eco-club at your school you will actually make both: a positive impact to our planet, as well as a huge difference to your pupils’ education. Gramacri helps schools and classrooms with environmental clubs during and after school. Our mission is to empower youth to lead a cultural transformation that optimizes health and sustains the environment.  In our eco-club children will:

  • learn what to recycle and how;
  • use recycled materials;
  • paint, draw, colour, cut and glue;
  • watch documentaries and tutorials;
  • start and maintain student action campaigns;
  • learn about habitat restoration;
  • engage with green labs;
  • engage with garden activities;
  • connect with nature;
  • clean up trash from local parks or schools yard;
  • monitor recycling bins;
  • learn the art of glass painting.

environmental education is good also is great. As a result, we know it. Therefore, environmental learning is fine. Clubs as well as cover for schools. Nevertheless, environmental education is amazing. Eco clubs are good as well as great. As a result, Eco clubs are great.

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