Effective Differentiation for MFL Webinar


Thursday 12th October 2023 (04,30pm – 05,30pm)

Effective Differentiation for MFL Webinar

Effective Differentiation is a crucial element in MFL. Even in mixed-ability settings, all pupils can make great progress, but only if a realistic approach is adopted. Differentiation need not require extra time and effort – besides, the notion of planning 3 sub-lessons within each lesson is simply unsustainable. In this 1-hour webinar we will identify more practical and manageable strategies, drawing equally upon traditional ’pen and paper’ methods allied to easily implemented technological solutions. Delivered by highly experienced MFL teachers.

The webinar will help you to:

  • learn simple, realistic techniques for quick and easy inclusion;
  • understand the importance of putting individual pupil progress at the forefront of all lessons;
  • discover how improving students’ autonomy and individualising learning opportunities;
  • learn about new technology integration;
  • look at teacher-made resources for immediate use in your lessons the next day;
  • develop a great understanding of effective differentiation for MFL. We’ll be using our resources to demonstrate our approach and how we can help, but the knowledge and information we will share will be transferable to your own scheme of work.

The session will be recorded and a full copy of the PowerPoint as well as the recording will be sent to everyone that signs up for the webinar. All primary foreign language leaders and teachers are welcome. We hope you can join us.

This Webinar is now fully booked!

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“Thank you so much for the extremely useful and informative deep dive webinar. I am interested in attending future Zooms that you mentioned. Will you be directly emailing attendees of today’s Zoom regarding these? Thank you again,”
Amanda B.

Thank you so much for the CPD opportunity this morning. I have found this very useful and have lots of things to think about! Thank you again. Have a lovely weekend.”
Naomi H.

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