Convincing your headteacher that primary languages are important

Guest blog by primary language teacher and consultant and ALL Council member Clare Seccombe. Languages became a compulsory part of the Key Stage 2 curriculum in September 2014, and, since then, many schools have made great strides in their work. However, this is not the case in all schools. The most recent Language Trends report has found that notContinue reading “Convincing your headteacher that primary languages are important”

Why to learn Italian, anyway?

DECEMBER 9, 2014 BY DANIEL Why study a foreign language? It’s hard work, time-consuming and potentially expensive. And if you’re going to bother at all, why choose Italian, rather than say Spanish, French, German, or something more ambitious like Chinese? There are many excellent reasons to learn a foreign language, none the least that it’s an infinitelyContinue reading “Why to learn Italian, anyway?”


When I started learning Russian, my friends would sit there and laugh at me. I always have questions such as, “Why did you learn Russian? It’s not useful” from many people, thrown at my face. Don’t worry about others though, because learning Russian is just as useful as learning French or Spanish, theoretically. If youContinue reading “5 REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD LEARN RUSSIAN”