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Language Teaching;  Environmental education

Covering PPA in schools since 2018, we pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality MFL, Environmental Learning and Physical Education cover for all of our partner schools.

Environmental Education & Language Learning

At Gramacri our slogan is ‘Learn a New Language While Helping the Planet!‘ In other words, we integrate Environmental Education into Language Learning to reinforce the importance of environment preservation among young children.

Gramacri offers a wide array of services to both Primary and Secondary schools across England. In particular, we provide PPA Cover and After School Clubs, GCSE Examination Preparation Courses, Specific Skill Practice and Catch up Classes in Modern Foreign Languages. All our tutors are qualified teachers, or native speaking tutors with years of teaching experience in the UK by all means. As a result, we will guide, challenge and support your students in any aspect of their language learning.

All our MFL programmes have been developed in line with the requirements of the National Curriculum 2014, as well as the government proposals to build an education system resilient to Climate Change. We ensure young children meet the milestones, and become aware of the environmental challenges ahead of us. They will learn both: a foreign language and how to play their part in halting nature’s decline. Our interactive and engaging lessons combine in fact the most popular language topics with environmental education.

Physical Education

We are excited to announce that Gramacri is now a proud partner of SportActive, leader in the provision of the best P.E. teachers and instructors. Therefore, we are dedicated to delivering the highest quality Physical Education cover. Our specialist coaches have the answers to your sporting needs, and will teach your children to embrace an active and healthy lifestyle and build confidence through positive experiences. Our P.E. programme not only provides peace of mind that the children are in the safest hands but also comes complete with planning and assessment.

Online Classes

We also supply high-quality Online Language Tuition to everyone who want to master a new language regardless of their level or ability. Additionally, we combine outstanding teaching with great resources downloadable from our library. Our online courses are available in Spanish, French, Italian, German, Mandarin Chinese and English.

Why to choose Gramacri?

Qualified Staff

  • Environmental Education combined with Language Learning
  • Qualified MFL Teachers or Native Speaking Instructors
  • Enhanced DBS checked
  • Experienced in behaviour management
  • Detailed lesson plans and differentiated resources
  • Progress checks throughout the academic year at no extra cost
  • Familiarize with and act accordingly to the School’s Policies
  • Liaise with the school management

Outstanding Provision

PPA Cover in Languages, Environmental Learning, Physical Education
After School Clubs in in Languages, Environmental Learning, Physical Education
Holiday Language Clubs in in Languages, Environmental Learning, Physical Education
End of Year Competition for all our Year 6 pupils. They can win 3 tickets to fly to the country where the Target Language is spoken. The tickets will be given to the winner of the competition at the end of the academic year.
GCSE exam preparation courses in Modern Foreign Languages which are prepared to match both: the Edexcel as well as the AQA examining board specifications.
GCSE Skills Practice for GCSE learners.
Catch up Classes in Languages for lower ability students as well as SENDs
Gifted & Talented Students Languages Sessions
Outstanding Online Language Classes with qualified teachers or native speaking tutors
Maximum flexibility allowing you to customise your schedule. Pick lesson times that fit around your lifestyle and learn online from any location
Unlimited access to our library with outstanding resources to practice whenever and wherever you want from your phone, tablet or computer

Tailored Teaching, Differentiated Resources and Environmental Education

Gramacri offers not only Environmental Education integrated into Language Teaching, but also Tailored Teaching Methods and Differentiated Resources to EYFSKS1KS2 and GCSE students. Additionally, we provide Personlised Language Plans to everyone who start learning a new language online with us. Have a look at:

That is to say. in other words is to clarify. Firstly/secondly is okay. Further, and, moreover is fine. In addition, you know that. Meanwhile, during are easy. Subsequently, after that is difficult. Moreover, during environmental education is good. Subsequently, after that environmental education is easy. Meanwhile, during the lesson is ready. Subsequently, after that you know it. Therefore/Firstly/secondly it is here. Further, and, moreover children learn. In addition we use it. Firstly/secondly teachers teach. Further, and, moreover, we provide sessions. In addition we know that. Firstly/secondly, it is beneficial. Further, and, moreover we offer environmental education. in addition it is popular. Therefore, they learn. As a result, we teach. So it is easier. Consequently. we are happy.

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